New Leaks from Shak Diesel’s “Uncensored”

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The homie Shak Diesel (hailing from Cleveland) is working on his new album due this summer entitled “UNCENSORED”. This a follow up to his previous album released in 2013. The 24 year old is dropping two new leaks “Memo” and “Best Friend”, which are covers of Sir Michael Rocks and Pharrell songs of the same name respectively. Expect a lot of good music and a few videos as he continues to promote his new project!

Check out the homie here!

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the cosign cover

Cleveland is a city that is undoubtedly full of a variety of talent especially when it comes to the music scene. The problem is however, that there are so many artists creating music. So how do you know which current songs are worth giving a listen to? The newly formed group, The Cosign Conglomerate, is making that question easy to answer. It consists of the most well respected tastemakers in the city; DJ Steph Floss, Meel, DJ Ryan Wolf, DJ Kynce, Tropikana, E-V, Big Heff, DJ Corey Grand, DJ KY, and the team over at (John Stursa, Connor O’Donnell, and DJ Swerve). The Cosign Conglomerate meets monthly to discuss what is going on in the local music scene. Every member has the opportunity to present the songs that they feel need to be heard. Collectively, the group’s goal is to showcase Cleveland’s music to the rest of the country. Cleveland itself, along with other cities, needs to recognize the talent that resides in not only Cleveland, but the state of Ohio. The Conglomerate has the ability to showcase this talent in multiple markets, including the likes of LA and Miami. With the work that is being put in by this committee of music experts only one thing is missing; the unity and support from artists and fans. The group chose twelve tracks to make up the first of many mixtapes, which will all serve to display what they feel is needed to be heard. The artists featured on #TheCosign include: Lorine Chia, Machine Gun Kelly, Boss Lucci, Ducky Smallz, Erika Kayne, Microwave Red, Ezzy, Congrez, Smiggz, Splash Rob, J. Ab, and Tommy Missus. The Conglomerate will continue to release these mixtapes in hopes of encouraging artists to keep working hard and give them a chance to be exposed.

Here’s a Zip linkto the mixtape or stream from LIVEMIXTAPES here.


Yung Prof “Ohio (Gotta Get Away)”

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yung prof ohio graphic

Toledo artist Yung Prof [@yung_prof] returns with new music, not for the club, but something to vibe to. “Ohio (Gotta Get Away)” produced by Joshua Dunn of Konspiracy Ent. The song samples “Ohio” by Ohio’s own folk band Over The Rhine based out of Cincinnati, OH. The samples blends extremely well with Yung Prof’s lyrics based on his experiences with being fed up with his surroundings and needing to get away, but not having to go too far.

Twitter: [@yung_prof], [@JoshuaPDunn]
Instagram: @yung_prof,
Facebook: YungProfMusic
SoundCloud: Supreme-Grindin

Have you ever got your fingers stuck in your bowling ball? If so two things will immediately spring to mind, in fact scratch that – three things will spring to mind.


1. It hurts – a lot

2. It’s embarrassing – extremely embarrassing depending upon how many people see you but don’t worry it can even happen to the professionals . . . just check it out on YouTube if you don’t believe me!

3. It doesn’t do much for your total . . . in fact it can ruin the whole game (sorry guys, I didn’t mean to throw such a turkey) – it might even take you right down to the pins if you were giving it enough oomph and that’s not cool at all.

There are plenty of horror stories about people who have really got their fingers stuck in a bowling ball – I mean really, not just a little bit jammed when you tried to release the ball but stuck for hours until the emergency services managed to free them – double ouch! One poor woman had to have the bowling ball removed at the hospital with an electric saw and chisel . . . she needed oxygen and everything, there’s no wonder she went into shock, she probably thought that she’d have a couple of fingers missing once the ball had been removed.

Other less serious “finger stuck incidents” have involved things like dislocated thumbs (still incredibly painful, this can ruin your bowling scores for weeks if not months) or just plain pain – people don’t half panic when they know their fingers are stuck in the ball.
So how can you be certain that you won’t get your fingers stuck in a bowling ball in the future – apart from giving up on one of the greatest hobbies alive! The problem with bowling balls is that if you are an occasional bowler and use the balls at the alley then you need to find one with holes which fit your fingers properly, and as you get warmer your fingers do swell up a little and, dare I say it get a little sticky which can result in problems. The only other alternative is to find a ball which has holes which are too big for your fingers and risks dropping the ball on your toes before you are ready to let go.


If you do get your fingers stuck you should try putting a bit of lotion on to free them and one great tip to prevent it from happening in the future is to find a ball with the correct sized holes and to use a little chalk to prevent your fingers from getting sticky.
Going back to the professional incident for just a moment, the guy admits that even now, a full twenty years later he’s still afraid that it might happen again and has experimented with all sorts of different bowling techniques to prevent it from happening in the future. After finding more balls heading for the gutter than the pins he now uses a bowling ball with enormous holes just to be on the safe side.
There’s a great selection of bowling balls and accessories online at but do make sure that you have the holes drilled out to the right size on your new ball. There’s also some great bowling bags, bowling shoes, bowling tops . . . in fact they’ve got bowling everything. Why not check it out and see for yourself.


KPT Announces Distribution Deal

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February 2, 2014


                                                                                                                                                                                              Destiny Loyd
Cell: 317-640-0308

KPT Signs Distribution Deal with Independent Distributor

F.A.M Entertainment and Altavoz Team Up for a Promising Year

KPT, the 24 year old rapper from Cleveland Ohio; has definitely created some buzz in the music industry.  With collaborations with hip hop legends like Snoop Lion and Bone Thugs and Harmony; KPT is leaving his mark on the industry early in his career. Along with fellow artist Draft P1ck, he founded F.A.M Entertainment, an independent music production label.

F.A.M Entertainment started in June of 2013 as an imprint label specializing in artist development with the sole purpose of getting back to the basics of the music industry and connecting artists to its supporters.  F.A.M Entertainment has recently partnered with Altavoz entertainment Distribution Company. Nelson Jacobsen, CEO of Altavoz says “We’ve known about KPT for a while and are ready to go out strong with the F.AM Entertainment Team knowing full well it will be a ride for everyone. “

Altavoz is an independent, full-service entertainment distributor offering a wide range of physical and digital distribution and marketing solutions. Altavoz ensures artists and producers have access to a unique array of traditional and out-of-the box distribution channels and are creatively promoted so they can build their presence, make their mark, and earn a living- all with a social conscience.

“I’ve seen KPT grow as an artist over the years and I’m glad he is taking the next step to deliver quality music to his supporters.”  Says Quincy Taylor, CEO of ITW Marketing. KPT’s mix CD “FTW” is coming out February 17, 2014.

In 2013 KPT released his first solo mix CD “Welcome Back” via livemixtapes with over 50,000 views. His music still continues to grow and exceed expectations.

Recently, KPT toured  with the EST 19XX artist Ray Jr, Dub-o, and Tezo.  He has opened for national names such as Trinidad James, Juicy J, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Twista, and Ray Cash.

Please visit KPT’s website, www. Feel free to follow KPT on social media sites Twitter, Instagram, Facebook; RealKPT.

For all interview inquiries, please contact Destiny Loyd at or 317-640-0308.


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As Lorain’s own, @Ms_Mission prepares for her new project, “State of Aviation” she drops new visuals for the song “Famous”.

Check it out.

aviation cover2

Greatest R&B Legends [Cleveland Edition]

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Cleve R&B Legends CDcover Blue4C (1)

This CD was released this past Tuesday (January 14, 2014) featuring some of R&B’s best including OHHA Lifetime Achievement awardee and 2013 OHHA co-host, Joe Little of the Rude Boys and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Bobby Massey!

Check out the commercial highlighting this incredible CD and if you were at the 2013 OHHA conference you may recognize a familiar face from the Management Panel, Dennis Cash!

Please share this post, purchase the CD or a single, and enjoy Classic R & B Music from our great state of Ohio! Available wherever CDs are sold!