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MGK OH homecoming (video)

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- Essince

Cleveland Classic 3 “The Summer Jam Edition”

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Come out and support some of the hottest lyricist in the Cleveland/Akron area!!!

Doors open at 9pm!!! Show will start promptly at 10pm!!! You don’t wanna miss this one!!


Dope, new anti-smoking design from Thailand company, Sneaka Villa.

To order via email (because I doubt you want to call Thailand) is

- Essince

New single “If It Ain’t About Money” by Fat Joe featuring Trey Songz from Joe’s forthcoming album, “the Darkness vol. 1″ which drops July 27th on Terror Squad/E1.

- Essince

Essince’ll Make Ya

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Honestly, Kriss Kross is the reason I started rhyming.

I wore my clothes backwards and everything when I was in 1st grade.

Actually one day I got 5 kids to copy me turning my clothes backwards and it angered the teacher so she took away my bathroom privileges.

When Nipsey Hussle used this beat I HAD to have it…

have it then sh*t all over it.

Enjoy. Essince’ll Make Ya…

- Essince

K. Vincent (CHI) – We Made It

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For those who missed out when this Chi-town MC hit Cleveland a few months ago now’s your chance to play catch up before you’re left out.

EP to drop soon.

DL “K. Vincent – We Made it ft Dale”

- Essince

Beat Gang – “Going Live” Video

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New Beat Gang music video – “Going Live”

Beat Gang is on a constant grind… in 2009 they took home the best new group award!