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Louie P Newton – The Bottom (Detroit)

Posted: August 10, 2010 by essince in Uncategorized

I’ve been doing some work with the big homie, Juan Neal in Detroit on a project to help out our respective scenes in DET & CLE and he put me on to a kid he’s been working with…

dude is a monster.

This description was in my inbox and I felt it fit perfectly so I just copied and pasted: “Today I bring to you one of the most polished up and coming emcee’s out of Detroit known as “Louie P. Newton”. In his music you hear the soul as well as the struggles of Detroit every time Louie raps. His first release “The Bottom” paints a vivid picture of a man trying to survive. The production, also by Louie, makes this track more symphony than rap music”.

DL Louie P Newton’s “The Bottom” here

Hope this made your day as it did mine.