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C.O Cypher Round 2

A multi-part video series featuring Columbus’s own OHHA Nominees

Part 2: Tiyana Payne

Tiyana Payne: Best Female Artist

WE WILL RISE! No longer will we be stuck in the sexist roles of innocent R&B singers in which society has falsely portrayed women for decades! WE WILL RISE! No longer will females stand on the sidelines of the late night cyphers on local street corners like some mindless cheerleader! WE WILL RISE! No longer do the ladies and little girls around the world have to turn their face up when they see a silicone stuffed, Mattel wannabe, x-rated goonette inaccurately representing the entire sex in the hip hop industry. Tiyana Payne has stepped on the scene, brought to you by Columbus, Ohio, representing  positivity, faith, and class while spitting some of the most callous and aggressive lyrics to grace the Heart Of It All state. Ohio Hip Hop Award Best Female Artist nominee Tiyana Payne’s making sure WE WILL RISE!



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