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PA: Owey “Mafia Business” [video]

Posted: March 23, 2012 by essince in Music video, Out of Town

Shout out to Pittsburgh’s Owey for doing his thing (co-headlined Big Heff’s industry tour and rocked out at SXSW).

I was able to catch up with rapper, Maddi Madd who not only has some pretty awesome features on his album, “Success” [Bizzy Bone, Flo-Rida, Jodeci, Ginuwine, and a secret special guest], but he had songs stolen from some of the industry’s biggest names.

Oh, and he’s from Akron.

Essince: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from?

Maddi Madd: The westside of akron ohio.

Essince: How long have you been making music?

Maddi Madd: I’ve been making music since elementary school, i use to hold the keyboard up to the mic on a karaoke machine and record whole albums. the quality was crap but people still wanted to hear them lol. professionally, since i was 17…thats when i got my 1st record deal…so 10years professionally.

Essince: Did you ever do any music things besides rhyming? Did you ever Dj or produce?

Maddi Madd: Yes i co-produced alot of my songs as far as musical input not actual playing of instruments or beat equipment.

Essince: Talk to me a little about the situation with Kanye.

Maddi Madd: Jay-z’s engineer (young guru) mixed about a album worth of songs for me at baseline studios in newyork and one of those songs were gold digger. guru was excited about the idea of the song and asked me if it was going to be my 1st single i replied ” no but it will be one of my singles & i plan to do a more upbeat remix of it to make it more club”. i leave newyork & end up performing at jamie foxx’s charity event and my friend charlucci knows jamie so we was kickin it back at his house/studio snoop was there & a few other people. jamie had talked about his upcoming song with kanye. when i finally heard the song i knew immediately that guru had given my idea to kanye so i called guru and he never returned my call and when i tried to call him again a few days later i noticed that he changed his number. i havnt heard from him since.

Essince: Do you feel like it’s difficult to talk about a situation like that? Are you afraid it would cause negative opinions of you or close doors for you or is it important to tell your story?

Maddi Madd: I feel like people should never be afraid of the truth. i also feel like this is a better avenue to express my frustrations with the negative aspect of the industry. i want upcoming artist to learn that when you are working with different engineers and producers to have them sign a confidentiality agreement and not to expect for these people to be real or honest. i would rather do things this way then hurt somebody and it is a possibility that this could been seen in the wrong light. if my idea’s are taken and used as fuel to get a person or song to the top i would be a fool not to feel like i deserve something for it.

Essince: Has that ever happened before? Having a song stolen?

Maddi Madd: Yes it has the rapper redman stole a song called muthfuckas from me and put it on his malpractice album.(i think thats the album he put it on”

Essince: What is the next step?

Maddi Madd: [The next step] is to show the people why artist steal from me. my album entitled “success” will be everything they want from an artist. RELEASE DATE MAY22 OR SUMMER 2012

Essince: Any final shout outs? Where can we check our Maddi Madd?

Maddi Madd: You can find MADDI MADD AT and follow me on twitter at @MADDIMADD.

S/o [to] Lebron James’ right hand man, Maverick Carter. S/o blimpcity records, bungalo, universal distribution. bgyrl, and the true fans of artist who actually have something to say and offer to the world of music.