Hopera:Unleashed – A Hip Hop Opera

Posted: July 13, 2012 by essince in Cleveland, Events


This is unlike any event I have ever seen hit Cleveland since I became involved in the music scene in the mid-90s. Adrian Dunn, the creator and director of this company and production, grew up in Cleveland Heights. While he has moved on to the streets of Chicago for the pursuit of his Opera career, he has continued to bring his innovative ideas and performances back to Cleveland. He hosted the World Premiere of Hopera in 2009 at the Diana Reese Performing Arts Center in Cleveland.

Visit www.HoperaWorld.com for more information on Adrian Dunn’s Hopera showtime and ticket information.

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  1. adunnz says:

    Great article! Can’t wait to see all the Cleveland Hip Hop Headz at the HOPERA show Aug. 19th, 7p.m.

  2. adunnz says:

    Reblogged this on ADRIAN L. DUNN and commented:
    Check out HOPERA in the news!!!

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