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the cosign cover

Cleveland is a city that is undoubtedly full of a variety of talent especially when it comes to the music scene. The problem is however, that there are so many artists creating music. So how do you know which current songs are worth giving a listen to? The newly formed group, The Cosign Conglomerate, is making that question easy to answer. It consists of the most well respected tastemakers in the city; DJ Steph Floss, Meel, DJ Ryan Wolf, DJ Kynce, Tropikana, E-V, Big Heff, DJ Corey Grand, DJ KY, and the team over at (John Stursa, Connor O’Donnell, and DJ Swerve). The Cosign Conglomerate meets monthly to discuss what is going on in the local music scene. Every member has the opportunity to present the songs that they feel need to be heard. Collectively, the group’s goal is to showcase Cleveland’s music to the rest of the country. Cleveland itself, along with other cities, needs to recognize the talent that resides in not only Cleveland, but the state of Ohio. The Conglomerate has the ability to showcase this talent in multiple markets, including the likes of LA and Miami. With the work that is being put in by this committee of music experts only one thing is missing; the unity and support from artists and fans. The group chose twelve tracks to make up the first of many mixtapes, which will all serve to display what they feel is needed to be heard. The artists featured on #TheCosign include: Lorine Chia, Machine Gun Kelly, Boss Lucci, Ducky Smallz, Erika Kayne, Microwave Red, Ezzy, Congrez, Smiggz, Splash Rob, J. Ab, and Tommy Missus. The Conglomerate will continue to release these mixtapes in hopes of encouraging artists to keep working hard and give them a chance to be exposed.

Here’s a Zip linkto the mixtape or stream from LIVEMIXTAPES here.


Boss Fetti – Ohio’s Underground King

Posted: October 11, 2013 by essince in Mixtape

Boss Fetti - Ohio's Underground King cover

HoodBoy Muzik Entertainment/ Haterproof Entertainment Presents: Boss Fetti – Ohio’s Underground King: Unreleased Collection Vol 1

This project is a collection of previously recorded material from 2000-2009. Boss Fetti delivers a solid project featuring several hip-hop artists from all over Ohio.

Boss Fetti says “This Album is for Ohio, by Ohio” and promises to satisfy your appetite for quality Ohio Street Music. Boss Fetti is celebrating over 15 years of recording as a independent artist and is looking to advance into major opportunities.

Download from LiveMixtapes here


Posted: March 21, 2013 by essince in Mixtape

Big Hedd & Dj Kidd Genius Present: NV “N Verse”. Check the trailer above and download below beneath the track listing.

01. Temptation (Intro)-
Prod. By Chronically Inclined Productions
02. Living Legend-
Prod. By Matt Houston
03. We…Rollin’- feat Referee
Prod. By Marq Jones
04. I’m Faded- feat LenKnox
Prod. By Marq Jones
05. AYO (Remix)
06. Flaunt It (Intro Skit)
07. Flaunt It (I Got It)- feat Explicit
08. Hatin’ Ass Ni**a (Skit)
09. Triple G- feat DreVaughn & Peoplez
Prod. By Marq Jones
10. Just Thinkin’
Prod. By Chemist
11. Do It Again- feat LenKnox
Prod. By EvelutionBeats
12. Heroin (Love Jones)
Prod. By Marq Jones
13. Hatin’ Ass Ni**a (Skit #2)
14. Tap Dat (Yea)- feat Big Ealy
Prod. By Marq Jones
15. Turn Up (I’m Gone)- feat C-Matt
Prod. By BraveStarr
16. Reaching Out
Prod. By Chronically Inclined Productions
17. Strange- feat DreVaughn
Prod. By Marq Jones
18. N.V. Party
Mr. Fresh Beats

Download 1
Download 2


C. Jay Dinero – MGM GRAND Hosted By Dj Suspence

Download Link:

Track Listing:

01. C. Jay Dinero – MGM Grand (Intro) [Prod. By Komron Beats]
02. C. Jay Dinero – Illuminati [Prod. By Komron Beats]
03. C. Jay Dinero – Green Lights (Go!) [Prod. By Young Sity]
04. C. Jay Dinero – Hold Up! (Feat. Referee) [Prod. By Komron Beats]
05. C. Jay Dinero – She Like It (Feat. Banna Mane & Mookie Motonio) [Prod. By Cardo]
06. C. Jay Dinero – Clicquot & Rozay [Prod. By Vybe Beatz]
07. C. Jay Dinero – Dear Summer [Prod. By Cardo]
08. C. Jay Dinero – Lights On (Feat. Tracy) [Prod. By Young Sity]
09. C. Jay Dinero – O.M.S. [Prod. By Komron Beats]
10. C. Jay Dinero – Stackin Season [Prod. By Vybe Beatz & Superstar O]
11. C. Jay Dinero – Teddy P [Prod. By Komron Beats]
12. C. Jay Dinero – Magic (Feat. Shayla Hill) [Prod. By Elementree Dave]
13. C. Jay Dinero – Day N Night [Prod. By Stunnamfbaby]
14. C. Jay Dinero – G Shit Remix (Feat. Torch & G Malone) [Prod. By Chinaboy Beatz & Djay Cas]
15. C. Jay Dinero – God Body (Feat. Stedic) [Prod. By Komron Beats]

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Lil Johnnie – Reaching Mixtape

Posted: March 10, 2013 by majesticohha in Mixtape, Music video, Toledo

New project from DJ Swerve featuring some of Cleveland’s hottest hip hop artists. Check it out, original tracks and song collaborations. Something fresh that a lot more DJ’s and producers in Ohio need to start doing.




Yess yes yall, MGK drops another bangin video for the release of his Mixtape “Black Flag”. As successful and famous Kellz has gotten he still holds his OHHA plaques high in his videos! Right back at you homeboy!

The mixtape is supposed to drop soon, when it does I’ll update this with the download link.

Take a nice long look at Summer Azul!!! Been doing big things in ATL but is from Cleveland. Click any of the pics to hear her music and download.


Ok one more

Ok now listen and download the tracks.

Check out the new fun music video by @KINGxCOBRA “2 Girls 1 Cup” and grab the new mixtape “Dumb Genius”

Dumb Genius

01. King Cobra – Say Hello To The Dumb Genius
02. King Cobra – New God Flow
03. King Cobra – Captain Save-A-Ho
04. King Cobra – Celebration (Feat. Money Mike)
05. King Cobra – The Body (Feat. Gun Em)
06. King Cobra – Get By
07. King Cobra – Love Sosa (Hit Em Wit That Cobra)
08. King Cobra – Bandz A Make Her Dance (Bucket Neck It)
09. King Cobra – I’m So Cleveland (Feat. Chick Da Flyest, Mookie Motonio, Fly Tye, Flexin Twon & Banna Mane)
10. King Cobra – 2 Girls 1 Cup
11. King Cobra – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Neo)
12. King Cobra – I Really Mean It
13. King Cobra – Brown Drank Red Cup
14. King Cobra – Almost Famous (Feat. Mookie Motonio & Aviaun)
15. King Cobra – Goin Nowhere Fast
16. King Cobra – So Many Thoughts
17. King Cobra – Can’t Be Stopped (Feat. Cha Cha)
18. King Cobra – Wild Boy
19. King Cobra – Lord Knows
20. King Cobra – Pirates (Feat. E-Money of S.I. & Young Shon)
21. King Cobra – Amerikkkan Dream