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Have you ever got your fingers stuck in your bowling ball? If so two things will immediately spring to mind, in fact scratch that – three things will spring to mind.


1. It hurts – a lot

2. It’s embarrassing – extremely embarrassing depending upon how many people see you but don’t worry it can even happen to the professionals . . . just check it out on YouTube if you don’t believe me!

3. It doesn’t do much for your total . . . in fact it can ruin the whole game (sorry guys, I didn’t mean to throw such a turkey) – it might even take you right down to the pins if you were giving it enough oomph and that’s not cool at all.

There are plenty of horror stories about people who have really got their fingers stuck in a bowling ball – I mean really, not just a little bit jammed when you tried to release the ball but stuck for hours until the emergency services managed to free them – double ouch! One poor woman had to have the bowling ball removed at the hospital with an electric saw and chisel . . . she needed oxygen and everything, there’s no wonder she went into shock, she probably thought that she’d have a couple of fingers missing once the ball had been removed.

Other less serious “finger stuck incidents” have involved things like dislocated thumbs (still incredibly painful, this can ruin your bowling scores for weeks if not months) or just plain pain – people don’t half panic when they know their fingers are stuck in the ball.
So how can you be certain that you won’t get your fingers stuck in a bowling ball in the future – apart from giving up on one of the greatest hobbies alive! The problem with bowling balls is that if you are an occasional bowler and use the balls at the alley then you need to find one with holes which fit your fingers properly, and as you get warmer your fingers do swell up a little and, dare I say it get a little sticky which can result in problems. The only other alternative is to find a ball which has holes which are too big for your fingers and risks dropping the ball on your toes before you are ready to let go.


If you do get your fingers stuck you should try putting a bit of lotion on to free them and one great tip to prevent it from happening in the future is to find a ball with the correct sized holes and to use a little chalk to prevent your fingers from getting sticky.
Going back to the professional incident for just a moment, the guy admits that even now, a full twenty years later he’s still afraid that it might happen again and has experimented with all sorts of different bowling techniques to prevent it from happening in the future. After finding more balls heading for the gutter than the pins he now uses a bowling ball with enormous holes just to be on the safe side.
There’s a great selection of bowling balls and accessories online at but do make sure that you have the holes drilled out to the right size on your new ball. There’s also some great bowling bags, bowling shoes, bowling tops . . . in fact they’ve got bowling everything. Why not check it out and see for yourself.


KPT Announces Distribution Deal

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February 2, 2014


                                                                                                                                                                                              Destiny Loyd
Cell: 317-640-0308

KPT Signs Distribution Deal with Independent Distributor

F.A.M Entertainment and Altavoz Team Up for a Promising Year

KPT, the 24 year old rapper from Cleveland Ohio; has definitely created some buzz in the music industry.  With collaborations with hip hop legends like Snoop Lion and Bone Thugs and Harmony; KPT is leaving his mark on the industry early in his career. Along with fellow artist Draft P1ck, he founded F.A.M Entertainment, an independent music production label.

F.A.M Entertainment started in June of 2013 as an imprint label specializing in artist development with the sole purpose of getting back to the basics of the music industry and connecting artists to its supporters.  F.A.M Entertainment has recently partnered with Altavoz entertainment Distribution Company. Nelson Jacobsen, CEO of Altavoz says “We’ve known about KPT for a while and are ready to go out strong with the F.AM Entertainment Team knowing full well it will be a ride for everyone. “

Altavoz is an independent, full-service entertainment distributor offering a wide range of physical and digital distribution and marketing solutions. Altavoz ensures artists and producers have access to a unique array of traditional and out-of-the box distribution channels and are creatively promoted so they can build their presence, make their mark, and earn a living- all with a social conscience.

“I’ve seen KPT grow as an artist over the years and I’m glad he is taking the next step to deliver quality music to his supporters.”  Says Quincy Taylor, CEO of ITW Marketing. KPT’s mix CD “FTW” is coming out February 17, 2014.

In 2013 KPT released his first solo mix CD “Welcome Back” via livemixtapes with over 50,000 views. His music still continues to grow and exceed expectations.

Recently, KPT toured  with the EST 19XX artist Ray Jr, Dub-o, and Tezo.  He has opened for national names such as Trinidad James, Juicy J, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Twista, and Ray Cash.

Please visit KPT’s website, www. Feel free to follow KPT on social media sites Twitter, Instagram, Facebook; RealKPT.

For all interview inquiries, please contact Destiny Loyd at or 317-640-0308.


Witty Barz- Y.A.G.L

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Witty Barz out of Cincinnati, Ohio lives by his slogan “Barz Matter.” Known for his versatile flow and lyrical story telling, Witty had an early start in poetry and quickly transitioned to Hip Hop. According to Witty, “Music is Beautiful! All genres! I love the way everything blends together but everything having an important reason. When you put the perfect group of words together over the perfect group of instruments…Its magic.”

Witty Barz has performed across the country, from Tennessee to Alabama, St. Louis and many places in between. He has opened for a long list of national artists including Project Pat, Yung L.A., Pastor Troy and many more.

Witty Barz latest project is entitled “Iron Barz” and is available now!

For Booking:
Like Witty Barz on facebook
Twitter and Instagram @wittybarz

In every sport there will be people who excel at it. There is no better feeling than watching the greatest of all time compete against each other, no matter what sport we are talking about. This rings true for bowling, as well. It had its share of average players, good players and bowlers who will go down in history as the best ever. Here is a look at those players.

1. Dick Weber
Weber was one of the first true stars of the sport. He started his first professional team way back in 1955 and was a pioneer instrumental in developing many elements which are now a regular part of the sport. He was even a founding member of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) which he then went on to completely dominate. During the course of his career, he won 36 PBA titles which ranks him as seventh overall, but he managed to do this over the course of six decades.

2. Walter Ray Williams, Jr.
Williams boasts career highlights and accomplishments in bowling which cannot be touched by anyone else. He holds the record for most PBA Tour titles with 47, he holds the record for most consecutive seasons winning a title with 17 and he holds the record for most times names PBA Player of the Year with seven. As if that was not enough, he is also a very accomplished horseshoes player where he is also a 9-time champion.


3. Earl Anthony
Before Williams, Anthony had the record for most PBA titles with 41. He also had the record for most times named Bowler of the Year with six. Even though his records were eventually broken, he still remains a pioneer of the sport and one of the greatest to ever play it.

If you are looking to improve your game and want the best accessories that you can find, such as bowling bags, visit Here you will have access to the best merchandise on the market.


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Thursday October 17th 2013 From The Ground Up Productions will premiere the documentary UNSEEN… UNHEARD… at a Red Carpet Event at The Neon Theatre in Dayton, Ohio.

Dayton has a rich history of musicians dating back decades, many of which have helped to shape the genres of jazz, funk and R&B. Zapp, Lakeside, The Ohio Players, Slave and Faze-O all left a mark on the music industry on a global scale. In the genre of Hip Hop, however, Dayton has struggled to make it’s presence felt.

Film maker and Dayton native Sylvester Darnell takes an in depth journey into the Dayton Hip Hop scene to follow those artists trying to make a name for themselves. These artists share a passion for their craft and a hunger for fame. They all strive for recognition outside of the city limits so that they will no longer be UNSEEN… UNHEARD…

Those featured in the documentary include:
Jason DBKS
Phillip Nickelz
Coach Chronic aka Coach Ncredible
Grind Time Central
Mike Dolo

The Red Carpet Event will begin at 7:30 pm at The Neon Theatre located at 130 E. 5th St., Dayton, Ohio 45402. The Red Carpet will be hosted by Ms. Chloe with the documentary screening beginning at 8pm. Advance tickets can be purchased at:


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DJ Koolaide out of Cincinnati, Ohio is the true definition of a hip hop supporter. Coming from a musical family, she grew to love the genre at a young age. It wasn’t long before she began mixing samples and producing beats, and shortly thereafter a deejay was born. In 2010, DJ Koolaide joined the nonprofit organization Media Bridges, which later allowed her to create, produce and host the radio show called The World Hip Hop Movement.

The World Hip Hop Movement has given DJ Koolaide the opportunity to share her vision of all the great things that Hip Hop, and music as a whole, is capable of. The Movement’s mission is to unite individuals from different backgrounds and cultures through the universal language of music. At the same time, the movement also strives to give positive and talented independent artists an opportunity for radio play and publicity.

With DJ Koolaide at the helm, The World Hip Hop Movement has aired both well known and up and coming artists from all over the world. DJ Koolaide has acted as a media correspondent and photographer for many diverse events that showcase musical talent, from the World Choir Games to the DJ’s United Conference, Ohio Hip Hop Awards, and shows from national artists such as B.O.B., ASAP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, and many more. DJ Koolaide has also brought the World Hip Hop Movement to international forums as well, traveling to Isreal as an ambassador of Hip Hop music.

The World Hip Hop Movement airs every Tuesday at 5pm on Cincinnati’s 95.7 FM and also streams live on

Any artists that would like their music played or would like to be a guest on The World Hip Hop Movement, here’s how….. (taken from

We are happy to provide truly talented individuals an opportunity to get their music played or an interview on the radio.  This is a free opportunity for you and we receive no monetary compensation for the time we spend reviewing everyone’s music as well as implementing it into the show and/or interviews.  Because of this we ask that you help us help you by providing promotion for a show that promotes indie music and indie artists.   Please see below the steps on how to get your music aired on the show.

Step 1

Promote the show for at least 1 week (once per day for 7 days). If you can get 10 or more friends to promote the show, you will only have to promote for 1 day.

 When you do your promotion make sure to include Dj Koolaide’s Name & the website address ( Other things you can include are the show name (World Hip Hop Movement), Station Name (WVQC 95.7 FM), or you can use a picture/logo.


“Tune into Dj Koolaide & the World Hip Hop Movement every Tuesday at 5:00pm on 95.7FM or Watch live u-stream and listen on”

 “Check out the World Hip Hop Movement with Dj Koolaide every Tuesday 5:00pm on 95.7FM (Cincinnati) or Watch and listen live on u-stream on

“If you like hip hop from around the world, go to and check out the featured artists. You can tune in on 95.7FM or on the website every Tuesday at 5:00pm to listen and watch the show.”

 Things you can do to promote the show:

 *Give us a shout out in one of your videos, on facebook, twitter, etc.

*Use our show name, website link or logo on one of your flyers, website, etc.

*Create a flyer for the show;

*Write a song or post a video about the show;

*Use your creativity, as long as it’s promotion, it doesn’t matter the form, just as long as it can be documented;

Step 2

 In one email, send proof of promotion (screen shots, links, videos etc.) along with Radio Edit Mp3s to and along with your contact info: email, phone number, facebook, twitter, song title and artist name.

Step 3

 If we like your music, we will air it… and quite possibly air it on many occasions.  If we REALLY like it; and have the availability in the schedule; we will contact you for an interview.

Other Details


 The preferred sound is upbeat and/or fun or something that is outside the box; something that takes real creativity and bravery to implement it. If it sounds like something else that’s already out there, it will most likely not be aired.  It is also important to make sure the quality of your music submission is good.

 We will not accept music that is not completely original. Please submit music that is entirely original, that you either retain the rights to, or that you have created and produced yourself. Producers work very hard to create their music and you wouldn’t want anyone stealing something that you worked hard to create. In other words, if you use a Jeezy beat, Dre beat, Soundclick beat, etc. on your mixtape to promote yourself, that music will not be aired on the show.

 We are happy to give anyone who has strong talents and abilities the opportunity to put their music out there.

There is no guarantee that any music submitted will be aired on the show.  Keep in mind that we are selective as to what we play on the show and there is a certain sound that we are looking for. If we decide not to air it, that doesn’t mean that the music is not good or even great… it just means that it doesn’t fit the sound that we are looking for this particular show. On the other hand if we do use it, it will most likely be aired on many occasions :)

 The types of music that we do not air is music that speaks on glorifying violence, drugs, degrading women, another race or anything too raunchy. Please keep this in mind when you submit music.

 Thank you for considering our show for your music.  We look forward to hearing new and different music!


What I Look For in a Press Kit.

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Originally posted on Ohiohiphopawards's Blog:

What do I look for in a press kit?

By: Derrick “Majestic” McKenzie

This question varies because this is my personal preferences and not all press kits are the same.  Most of the time press kits are so drastically unique it’s difficult to include everything we look for in a press kit. Considering the number of press kits that have come across my desk over the last seven years I figured that I would give you my top five things to look for in a press kit. Even though some of my examples seem outrageous, believe me, I have experienced each of these scenarios. I hope this information helps in your career.

 1. Professionalism.  – If your press kits contains vulgar language then you should consider hiring someone to handle all of your business.  When your press kit comes across any desk, it should be professional and to the point. Also avoid writing…

View original 1,099 more words

Top of the World Studio Contest!

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This Fall the Ohio Hip Hop Awards and Top of the World Studios is going to hook you up!  One lucky artist will get 4 hours studio time and a free performance at one of  the 2014 Ohio Hip Hop Awards Tour dates just by emailing with your press kit and contact information! Top of the world will be selecting one lucky artist to get into their studio in 2014! Will it be you?

Email  with the following:
Stage Name:
Government Name:
Phone Number:
Mailing Address:
Recent Photo – Electronic Press Kit – Music Links and additional promotional materials.

Please make sure you read the official rules and details below!

* Top of the World Contest details.

A free online contest for any artist willing to travel to Top of the World Music studios in Parma Ohio. Artist will submit their press kit for review to Top of the world will select one winner to receive studio time at top of the world. It is agreed that Top of the World selects an artist they have never done business with before to alleviate any conflicts of interest. Official contest rules will be up on our website and a link will be provided on all contest correspondence from the Ohio Hip Hop Awards.  Winner of the top of the world contest will receive a single showcase registration for one date on the Ohio Hip Hop Awards Tour. Valued at $200. Artist is responsible for claiming prize and attending for their scheduled show date and studio time. No refund for missed studio time or missing scheduled showcase date will be honored.

To register artist must submit the following information to

Stage Name:
Government Name:
Phone Number:
Mailing Address:
Recent Photo – Electronic Press Kit – Music Links and additional promotional materials.

Immediate family, relatives, employees and affiliates of Top of the World Music and the Ohio Hip Hop Awards are exempt from entry.  Multiple entries will not increase chances of winning and purchases made through awards or Top of the World Music will not affect the selection of a winner. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Contests open to legal us residents ages 18 and over. All local and state regulations apply. Contest prize of 4 hours studio time is valued at $120.  Contest prize of  showcase tour valued at $200. No cash redemption for prizes. Limit one entry per household.  1 grand prize winner will receive 4 hours studio time at Top of the World Music in Parma Ohio. Can not be redeemed in combination with other offers or prizes.

Coach Chronic

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Gun violence is an epidemic in Dayton, Ohio. Just last week, a woman who was 9 months pregnant was fatally shot in the DeSota Bass housing complex. She was an innocent bystander and was scheduled to deliver her baby the next day. Da’Lyne Foster, 27 years old, was hit in the midsection by a stray bullet. Her full term baby boy was delivered by C-section and remains in the neonatal intensive care unit. It is unknown at this time if he has sustained any brain damage.

Dayton’s murder rate is on par with Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland, all of which have a significantly larger population. This past February was one of the most deadly months in Dayton’s history. A string of unrelated murders left 6 people dead in 6 days. One of these incidents involved the shooting of two 13 year old girls, one of which died at the scene. The shooter had only been released from prison months earlier, after serving 18 years for murder.

Dayton hip hop artist Coach Chronic is no stranger to the volatility of the Dayton streets. Born to a single mother and a heroin-addicted father, his early years were spent between 3 of Dayton’s most violent neighborhoods. He began writing rhymes at the age of 9, and hustling at the age of 11. At the age of 16, he released his first album as one third of the group ODC. The project was entitled “G Til They Kill Me” and sold over 5,000 units. Three years later Coach Chronic released his solo album called “Da Certified Hustla” which sold over 10,000 units solely by self distribution. Unfortunately, this title became self fulfilling when Coach Chronic was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison on drug charges. Coach chose to put his time incarcerated to good use, completing his high school education and obtaining other certifications, truly making him “Da Certified Hustla.”

Upon release from prison, Coach Chronic decided to take his life in a different direction. He decided that he would no longer be a part of the game…but would instead coach the players. In 2009 he released “Str8 Out Da Trunk Vol. 1” with DJ Ron Hunter. In 2010 he released the strong 2-disc follow-up with both DJ SKNO and DJ Chaos hosting. His most recent project, Full Court Press, showcases his rugged realism and lyrical ease. Taking his coaching role seriously, the single and video for “Ghost of A Gangsta” moved the city and earned him a nomination from The Ohio Hip Hop Awards for video of the year. As an OG and leader in the city, Coach Chronic continues to share his wisdom and coach the players of the city with his latest single “Knuckle Up.”

“My city is dying because we choose to shoot and kill versus using our knuckles… Put the guns down… And knuckle up!”

~Coach Chronic

For Booking:

Tic Murda, Work, and DJ Who make up Tuff Grind Entertainment out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Their single “Really Really” has been catching attention nationwide and is currently getting spins in 21 markets. The group also made quite an impression with their live performance at the 2013 DJ’s United Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana making Tuff Grind a Nerve DJ’s Endorsed Artist.

To hear more from them, download their mixtape “Hard Work Pays Off Vol. 1″ at:

And purchase their single “Really Really” at: