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Akron: Truth “Troubled”

Posted: September 27, 2011 by essince in Akron, Music
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Check out this ill track, “Troubled” by Akron’s own, Truth from his forthcoming “Troubled EP”.

I honestly wasn’t familiar with him before but I’ll definitely be checking for him in the future. His name definitely fits his content.

“Truth, who has been referred to as Hip-Hop’s “cultural guardian” (
, rejects current trends, instead opting to embody and recescitate the cherished “Golden-Age” sound. In addition to rebelling against the norm of modern music, his sound and “everyman” perspective has endeared Truth to fans of Rock, Country, Pop, and more. With his honest and inviting lyrics, rebellious attitude toward the mainstream, and broad demographic appeal – Truth is truly Hip-Hop’s Johnny Cash.”