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The city’s hottest artists go toe-to-toe for $1000

Anonymys presents the monthly Battle of the Best Saturday May 5th at The Mad Frog. This month’s battle will be showcasing artists such as Vincent Vega, Fred Benz, Emari J and others as they compete for $1,000 cash prize. Young Steff will be hosting as Dj Powerhouse controls the turntables. Doors open at 9:30pm. For more information or to compete contact (513) 675-2012 or (513) 279-2012

DJ ETrayn becomes the newest member of Cincinnati's only station for hip-hop & R&B

Today it has been announced that Self Dipoma and DJMG’s DJ ETrayn has become the newest member and deejay of Cincinnati’ s hip hop and R&B station WIZF. He now joins the markets’ urban heritage station that is also home to DJ Skillz, DJ Diamond, DJ Powerhouse and DJ J Dough. For the full story and video check out

New mixtape from Dj Drizzle and Milli Mane

The Nati streets official dj- Dj Drizzle

The Nati streets official Dj Drizzle releases another mixtape from his Got Drizzle Ent & Trap Happy Ent imprints featuring Milli Mane. Production features Cincinnati’s KillWill, M80 and others.

Mixtape available for download by clicking on the mixtape cover below. Be sure to tell us what you think!

Got Drizzle Ent and Trap Happy Ent Presents Milli Mane- Milli Mane Vs. A Million Haters

The things you can do with sound…

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I was using stumble (which is like the dopest thing on the internet that I’ve neglected since 2006) and found this website.

It’s a dope website to begin with but THIS POST is incredible.

Long story short, an Aussie DJ named, Pogo takes sound/vid clips from movies and makes some fresh-ass music. Movies include UP! (below), Toy Story, Hook, and more.

Check out his video for Up and then click the link below to see the rest.

See more from Pogo on The Musik Box here

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