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The term “turntablism” was first used in 1995 by DJ Babu of the Beat Junkies, who states, “My definition of a Turntablist is a person who uses the turntables not to play music, but to manipulate sound and create music.” (interview with Christo Macias, quoted on

So now I present to you Columbus Ohio nominees for Turntablist of the Year

DJ Drastic

One of Ohio’s Premier DJ’s, Drastic has been rocking the Columbus music scene for over 20 years. Known for his advanced scratching and beat juggling skills, Drastic has mastered the art of Turntablism, mixing different music to create a whole new sound. Recently Drastic was voted 2008 Ohio Hip Hop Awards Turntablist of the Year with an 2009 Runner Up follow. Drastic has won numerous DJ competitions including winning the Columbus Hip Hop Expo four times. Drastic is also an accomplished producer, sound engineer, master of ceremonies, and band member when rocking with diverse rock, jazz, funk, hip hop, drum & bass, and metal bands. He is definitely a “cut” above the rest.

Dj Drastic has been working with the likes of Copywrite, Killah Priest and plenty of other artists.Toured West Coast this year and took a taste of Ohio to them heres a peek and DJ Drastic Ohio at work

Krate Digga

From his bio on Reverbnation

DJ Krate Digga is continuing a stellar run as a working deejay based in central Ohio. Having held down residencies at the hottest clubs in Columbus, DJ Krate Digga has celebrated 14 years as a deejay; solidifying his name as one of Ohio's most diverse hip hop and soul deejays.

Killin \'Em (I-71 Remix) by J. Osceola featuring Krate Digga

DJ Ginsu

DJ Ginsu was  voted one of the top 10 DJs in Columbus in 2010 unfortunatly I have not found footage of him rockin even though I have heard him live so visit his facebook to find out more and hopefully soon I will have some footage for all.