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The Crown Never Falls

The bag was so small, I never expected incredible and remarkable to come pouring out. One by one, he pulled out about 100 different shirts painted with bright blues, high golds, dark greens, and blood reds; none of which were the same. The hand painted original t-shirts, that came in all shapes and sizes had me going bug eyed. PNoty is no regular print and press designer, he is an authentic artist.

What does PNoty mean:It came from my nick name “Pretty Boy” Floyd, which was turned into Pretty Noty, and is now shortened into PNoty.

When was PNoty established:I start the clothing label in 2006, but I’ve been drawing all my life.

What made you start drawing and designing:I’m originally from Youngstown, Ohio, and everyone knows it’s dangerous but super boring. So to avoid the violence and killing, I picked up a pen.

It’s no shocker Floyd Bentley aka PNoty became an artist, as he was born into a family of them with an aunt who paints murals, and Uncle in Dayton who can cut any design into your hair. Although PNoty was born in Youngstown, he moved to Columbus, Ohio in 2002 after attending Duquesne University in Pittsburgh where he played basketball. Standing at 6’5, light skinned, with deep waves, he has all the physicality’s of a ball player, but when you look down at the fly jazzy t-shirts he’s always wearing you know he’s not the average.

What was the design on your very first t-shirt: I drew a cartoon of mys elf. I think it’s terrible, but yaw probably would think it’s straight. I’ve definitely come a long way since then.

How did you get your first customer:I always wore my own clothes, people would see them, and ask me to make them one.

Describe your customer base:At first it was just hip hop heads and the hood folks cause they liked all the crazy stuff I did, but now it has evolved into a little of everyone.

How would the customers describe PNoty designs:They’d say it’s CRAZY, and different. They love me!

Starting out with just an example from customers, PNoty then freestyle hand paints a t-shirt from scratch. Sometimes using rhinestones, each shirt is genuine, and can guarantee no one else will have a shirt even similar to yours. In a world full of lazy designers who simply use a press machine to make a basic shirt with block letters and charge $20-$100 for it, such artistry, authenticity, and hand crafted shirts like those made by PNoty have created their own category of one-of-kind.

How long does it take you to design a shir t:Let’s just say if you order today, it’ll be tomorrow.

What’s everyone’s favorite shirt that you have designed so far:People love the shirt with a scene from Boyz In The Hood

Who’s the best celebrity you have given a PNoty shirt to:I loved Meagan Good, she was real down to earth.

PNoty has not only designed shirts for Meagan Good, but for almost every artist to hit the city of Columbus including: DJ Drama, Common, Ray J, Fat Joe, Nicki Minaj, and plenty more. He doesn’t only dress people in the music industry, but does a little singing himself and is the hype man for former 2007 Ohio Hip Hop Awards 3-time Nominees RNS Entertainment. But before he blows up and away, he wants to put Columbus on the map.

PNoty and Meagan Good

PNoty and Ray J

Nicki Minaj with her custom PNoty Tee

How would you describe the Columbus, Ohio fashion scene:It’s an untapped market. There are a lot of locals I fuxs with who don’t get that shine like: Ro Tha Realest , Corey Winborn , Sugar Ray, and Dynast Customs

Do you also use local models for your fashion shows: Yes, I have my own nice little pack of models like BC, The Level 3 Loves, my RNS family, and a lot of kids.

How do you select your models:I’m not picky, I just like the look to be diverse and REAL.

How do you prepare for a show:We definitely practice. As far as music, I try to choose something up-tempo and different. Most of the time I use my family RNS, so that my show is different than everyone else’s.

Doing at least 2 fashion shows a month doesn’t seem like a lot of work, but featuring new fresh designs every show proves PNoty might be the one of the most diligent designers locally.  His style, passion, and continuous cutting edge designs are sure to have him tongue kissing success anytime soon.

Where do you see PNoty in five years:Hopefully we have our own store and somewhere BALLIN! Lol!

Do you plan to add any other type of clothing or accessories, besides shirts:Definitely! We have already done jeans; people just seem to love the shirts more. But I want to add hats and shoes by late fall.

If I were you Id be on the look out for PNoty all over your city. He travels country wide doing fashion shows, and as you read, has dressed your favorite celebrity’s favorite celebrity with vibrant incomparable designs that should come with a “MAY CAUSE ENVY” warning label. His designs are astonishing and innovative, that can only send a message to some of these other fashion designers to step their game up. Simply put: PNoty makes fashion his B****!!

What would a nomination for best clothing designer mean to you:Recognition, appreciation, and exposure.

What’s one last thing you want the readers to know about PNoty:I’m beyond creative and your order is always on time, lol!!!


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