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[MIXTAPE] Between Two O's - Nic Rebel

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Skeem – NYE Featuring Noby

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Produced by Noby & Jay Bryce, scratching performed by DJ Jack Da Rippa – NYE video directed by Mike Clum


“Toxic” by Cleveland’s Really Rashida – An Urban Suspense Novel

The Hip Hop community is one of the most misunderstood. The stereotypical rap fan is uneducated, superficial, and lazy. As children of Hip Hop we know that nothing could be farther from the truth. There is a real place for books and literacy in Hip Hop. Here are three facts to prove my point:

  1. The saying “Black people don’t read.” is a myth! – I grew up watching both of my parents read. My friends and I read books all the time growing up and we still read the latest juicy urban novels to this day. There are plenty of us that read for enjoyment. If not, there wouldn’t be a market for black books.
  2. Most of your favorite rappers have written books. – Here is a list of just some of the rappers that have written books since 2009:
  • T.I.
  • Jay-Z
  • 50 Cent
  • Styles P
  • Lil’ Wayne
  • Malice of Clipse
  • Eminem
  • RZA of Wu Tang
  • Pharell
  • The Game
  • Lil’ B (Now if HE can write a damn book anybody can!)
  1. 3. The same stories are told. – The story of the streets. When you listen to your favorite rapper they have the lyrics. Books have the word on the page. That is really the only difference.



Really Rashida is the author of The Toxic Series and blogger for Her Urban Beauty and The Ohio Hip Hop Awards. She is currently on tour promoting “Toxic”. Details HERE. CLICK HERE to purchase her books visit







Multiple OHHA award winning artist Copywrite’s Confessional video was nominated for video of the year in 2011. In case you never got to see it, here it is. Copywrite was the 2012 Lyricist AND Male Artist of the Year. Other titles he won was Best Mixtape (The Jerk), Best Group (Odot) and Lyricist of the year (3x)… I could be missing one, not sure lol… Dont feel like looking it all up right now. Bad journalism but Its my blog so whatever.

The city’s hottest artists go toe-to-toe for $1000

Anonymys presents the monthly Battle of the Best Saturday May 5th at The Mad Frog. This month’s battle will be showcasing artists such as Vincent Vega, Fred Benz, Emari J and others as they compete for $1,000 cash prize. Young Steff will be hosting as Dj Powerhouse controls the turntables. Doors open at 9:30pm. For more information or to compete contact (513) 675-2012 or (513) 279-2012

That’s correct. The second season of The Dj Richie Show will be starting Monday September 26th. Your Favorite Online Cast Jason Kelley, Kelly Burgin, and Host DJ Richie will be bringing you entertainment Live from the web. If you missed season 1 you can watch it on ustream by searching The Dj Richie Show. This season will be broadcasted live from

Season 2 Trailer

DON’T MISS OUT!!!Continue to not only Support Great Music, but spread the word to others and create new fans!This Blog Post brought to you by: E.Y. Spellzit ( and



Toledo Native Rapper/Producer C-Fifth has performed with and opened up for many main stream artists. His latest music video depicts what he is about… His Hometown.

All across Ohio many artists are stepping their game up and respecting that the music business is a business.

It is necessary to be a professional in order to succeed.

Continue to not only Support Great Music, but spread the word to others and create new fans!This Blog Post brought to you by:  E.Y. Spellzit ( and