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The Hip Hop world is not just about being recognized in your own city. You also have to be able to venture out into the world and show everyone what you’ve got. Making contacts, networking, and showcasing your talents are key elements in having a successful career in the Music Industry. On August 12th BET hosted their “Blaze The Stage” auditions in New York City. An Ohio native Raine Wilder, packed up his DJ, Camera Man, and Management Team and Headed to the East Coast to show them what he brings to the world of Hip Hop. Here is the Footage he sent us.

Raine Wilder definitely exemplifies what it takes to becoming a successful artist in this new age of Hip Hop. He’s a fan of and supports all sorts of music. A true passion for art and a respect for the creative process, Raine Wilder makes his way through the beginning stages of his career.Continue to not only Support Great Music, but spread the word to others and create new fans!This Blog Post brought to you by:  E.Y. Spellzit (glasscityhiphopblog)