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Ohio/Thailand: Jay Calo – Tear it Up

Posted: January 13, 2012 by essince in Canton, Out of Town
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Jay Calo

I’ve posted a few tracks/videos from Jay Calo before but this supergroup consisting of Ohio native, Ajay & NY/FL’s Big Calo is making major moves overseas with the Thaitanium crew.

I’ve been both in the studio and filming on stage with @JayCalo1 in Thailand and these dudes get down.

Check their new single, “Tear it Up” below.

When I was over in Thailand I met up with some people making some major moves in the hiphop market and one of ‘em (AJ, singer) happens to be from here in OH!

He teams up with Big Calo to release their debut video as a group, for “Smasher”.

I would’ve posted this video anyway because it’s a dope song but had to give some OH love to the homie.

Check the video and let us know what you think.

Shout out Thaitanium, Bangkok Invaders, and my people in BKK!

Who would’ve thought the R&B King of Thailand is from Canton, OH???

When I was back in Thailand last summer I was blessed to be able to kick it with Asian hiphop royalty, Thaitanium and through them met the R&B King of Thailand, AJ who then told me he’s from Canton, OH!

Throughout their individual careers He and NY native, Big Calo relocated to Thailand and are doing their collaborative thing under the name Jay Calo.

MC, Big Calo’s been doing his thing for a minute, too and can def. hold his own on the mic.

Check out their single, “Smasher” below and be sure to Stream/DL it HERE.

Hit em on Twitter @JayCalo1

The Ohio Hip Hop Awards is about unity, networking, and celebrating talent.
I feel like this mindset is something which should be appreciated and utilized world-wide which is why I’m posting a new music video from my new/extended family from Bangkok, Thailand, Thaitanium.

Hip Hop is, was, and will be worldwide. Period. Understand and appreciate the people around you (Ohio Hip Hop Awards) and take that world-wide.

Thaitanium – Long Loey ft Bank Blash

If you make it out to Thailand sometime tell everyone Essince says what’s up.